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We envision to be leader in the fields in which we operate, by way of horizontal and vertical expansion as well as identifying and capitalizing on new opportunities. We are always working on building our reputation and remain a premier business group. Our continuous commitment to our social responsibility initiative is one of the key principles of the group.


We are committed to elevate our standards of performance in fields we operate. We continuously identify and relentlessly pursue new prospects towards a future of exciting possibilities. We remain steadfast in our resolve for an environment friendly approach of sustainable development that would have a positive impact on the planet, for the benefit of our people as well as the world around us.

Status of Company

Status of Company: Private Company

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Registration Number : 0084814

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National Tax Number : 4194279-5


Phone & Fax Number # 111 786 555
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Detail of Associated Companies

Yunus Textile Mills Limited

Yunus Textile Mills, a vertically integrated brand new home textile unit established in 1998, consisting of spinning, weaving, printing, dyeing, finishing and cut & sews with a workforce of 7,500 employees. In a span of 10 years it became the #1 home textile exporter of Pakistan with 10% share (approx.) of all Home Textiles exported. The company has its international warehousing, distribution and design development offices in USA, UK and France.
The company since inception has made steady investments that are continuing every year to meet the needs of achieving efficiency along with sustainable practices. Shorter production lead times and on time shipments makes us extremely reliable along with cost reduction at every single step of production chain gives us an added competitive advantage.
The customer focused approach has resulted in achieving a portfolio of high ranking global leading retailers, most of which are now associated with us for more than 10 years.
Energy conservation initiatives and pioneering in modernization of energy resources makes us dependable in terms of availability of all utility requirements.

Environmental and social achievements go hand in hand with business growth making YTM a responsible organization.

Lucky Textile Mills Limited

Lucky Textile Mills was established in 1983 and has since remained one of the leading textile manufacturers in the country to-date. The Company is engaged in the activity of manufacturing and export of fabrics, home textile and garments.
It has 3 state-of-the-art weaving mills that house 750 Sulzer Shuttle-less looms which are equipped with computerized back process comprising of Karlmayer warping and sizing machines. The state of art equipment is to cater to the international market. It has the capacity to process 250, 000 meters per day and over 83 million meters per annum.
LTM has its own captive power generation facility of 6.20 MW.

Gadoon Textile Mills Limited

GTM was established in 1988 and started production in 1990. It is the largest spinning unit of the country. Initially it started with 14,400 Spindles, however, gradually it increased by installing a state of the art automatic machinery at its manufacturing facility located at Karachi in 2012, now it has around 250,000 spindles and is one of the largest Textile Spinning Units of Pakistan.

GTM also have a captive power plant with a generation capacity of 56 MW.
GTML is a pioneer in introducing new technologies in Pakistan like Compact Spinning, Murata Jet Spinning, Murata Vortex Spinning and several other innovative technologies. It has the distinction of being the first of the only two textile mills in the world producing Compact Core Spun Yarn.
GTM is listed on the Karachi and Islamabad stock exchange.
GTML has been awarded with numerous business performance trophies and awards by provincial Chamber of Commerce like largest importers, largest exporters, largest tax payers of the province and GTML remained in top 25 companies as declared by Karachi Stock Exchange in 2010.

Lucky Energy (Private) Limited

Lucky Energy Pvt. Limited (LEPL), a Government-licensed Small Power Producer (SPP) under National Power Regulatory Authority Government of Pakistan, in service as a Captive Power Plant, was incorporated in July 1993.
LEPL, is a Gas-Powered, thermal Power Generation Facility, with a total production capacity of 46.57 MW. It is equipped with world’s one of the most sophisticated and highly-efficient Generator Sets from Caterpillar USA. It supplies un-interruptible power to Lucky Textile Mills Ltd., Gadoon Textile Mills Ltd.

LEPL is on the move to further upgrade and enhance its existing power generation capacity and simultaneously embarking on a diversification plan to explore new avenues for commercial supply of electricity to National Grid by making best use of Hydel resources in North of Pakistan and wind energy in Wind corridor of Sind Province of Pakistan.
All pre-equipment selection surveys and relevant formalities are underway to facilitate the National gird with 215MW with Hydel and 50MW with wind energy.

Y.B. Pakistan Limited

YBPL was incorporated in 2011. It is the founding company of the YBG which was initially established in 1962 as a Partnership firm and was subsequently converted into a Public Limited Company. As of April 2014, it operates as a subsidiary of YB Holdings (Private) Limited. YBPL is the trading arm of the YBG and trades in rice, wheat and other commodities both in the local and international market.

Lucky One (Private) Limited

YBG aims to construct world class structures that will define Real Estate sector in Pakistan. Pride ourselves in committing to the following well defined and deeply embedded core values:

  • To strive to create ventures that improve the lifestyles in the communities we serve
  • To maintain the highest sense of responsibility and ethical standards, and uncompromising honesty and integrity
  • To build a relationship of trust with our clients, partners, shareholders, employees and society.
  • To strictly adhere to superior quality in our work, activities and results.

LuckyOne Mall is a magnificent, multi-faceted, first-of-its-kind regional shopping mall that will revolutionize the shopping experience in Pakistan. The eclectic mix of high-end specialty stores, fine dining and leisure pursuits make LuckyOne Mall the premiere lifestyle destination for shopping, leisure and entertainment.
LuckyOne Apartments is a magnificent, multi-faceted, first-of-its-kind, hi-end residential complex that will revolutionize the luxury living experience in Pakistan. LuckyOne Apartments integrates 8 elegant residential towers and a large 8-acre Rooftop Park.

Fashion Textile Mills (Private) Limited

Fashion Textile Mills (Private) Limited (partially owned subsidiary company) – Fashion Textile Mills (Private) Limited (FTMPL) is incorporated as a private limited company in Pakistan on November 20, 1986 under the Companies Ordinance, 1984. The registered office of the company is situated at A-8/C, S.I.T.E., Karachi. The principal activity of the company is manufacturing and dealing in textiles and allied products.

Lucky Landmark (Private) Limited

Lucky Landmark (Private) Limited – Lucky Landmark (Private) Limited is incorporated as a private limited company in Pakistan on September 15, 2014 under the Companies Ordinance, 1984. The registered office of the company is located at LA-2/B, Block 21, Rashid Minhas Road, F.B. Area, Karachi, Pakistan. The principal activity of the company is to carry on the business of real estate and infrastructure construction and development and project management.

Lucky Knits (Private) Limited

Lucky Knits (Private) Limited was incorporated on 25th Nov 2004. It is primarily engaged in knitting, processing and stitching and now is one of the prominent Garment Exporting houses in Pakistan. It is equipped with state of the art machinery meeting all international standards. It has 50 knitting machines and 22 machines for dyeing.
LKL has production capacity of 200,000 kg of knitting fabric, 350,000 for dyeing fabric, 150,000 dozen of under garment & 80,000 T-shirts of ready-made garments. It is one of the few companies which have vertical infrastructure starting from Spinning to Finishing.

Yunus Energy Limited

YBG has recently initiated this project of national importance in Pakistan. It is a newly incorporated public limited unlisted company established in the year 2011.
It is a 50 MW wind power project and will generate electricity through wind turbine generators. The project is to be set at a site measuring 696 acres that has been allocated in Gharo Keti Bandar wind corridor; the project is located between Nooriabad & Jhimpir in district of Thatta where the annual wind speed is around 7.7 m/s.
The wind turbine generators for the project are to be supplied by Nordex & Descon concortium “the EPCOM Contractors” who are backed by their parent company Nordex SE, Germany.
The project’s estimated life is about 20 years and the estimated cost is USD 130 million to be financed with capital structure of 75:25 debt equity ratio.
The company has already been granted a Generation License from National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA).

Lucky Cement Limited

Lucky is the flagship company of the YBG, which has a solid history of exceptional growth performance since its inception in 1993. The shares of the Lucky are quoted on all three stock exchanges in Pakistan. Lucky has also issued Global Depository Receipts (GDRs) which are listed and traded on the Professional Securities Market of the London Stock Exchange.
Lucky today holds about 20% share of the Pakistan’s Cement Market (including Exports) and currently has a production capacity of 7.75 Million Tons contributed by two Plants; one at Pezu in the North which mainly supplies to domestic markets in the North and exports to Afghanistan; & the other at Karachi which serves the domestic market in the South and all By-Sea exports. Lucky derives 60% of its revenue from domestic and 40% from export sales to various countries.
Domestic sales are supported with a strong network of Sales offices and Distributors spread across the Country; whereas By-Sea Exports are managed out of Karachi. Lucky is the only Cement Company to have its own loose cement export terminal at Karachi port with storage capacity of 24k tons and loading capacity of 12k tons per day.

Lucky strives to remain an efficient and low cost producer and has its own captive power generation facility of 180 MW which includes power generation through waste heat recovery system as well. Lucky also owns a fleet of Bulkers & Trailers which gives added advantage in terms of logistics and efficient deliveries to its customers.
Lucky endeavors to continuously improve its operation and financial performance and seeks to maximize the returns for its shareholders through smart Management and swift decision making.

Lucky Holdings Limited

Lucky Holdings Limited (LHL) was incorporated in Pakistan on September 6, 2012 as a public unlisted Company limited by shares under the Companies Ordinance, 1984. The registered office of LHL is located at Main Indus Highway, Pezu, District Lakki Marwat in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. As of March 2015; LHL holds majority shares in ICI Pakistan Limited.

LCL Holdings Limited

LCL Holdings Limited (LCLHL) was incorporated in Pakistan as a public unlisted company on September 19th, 2014 with the object to invest in the Coal Based Power project to be setup by Lucky Electric Power Company Limited (LEPCL). LCLHL owns 100% shares in LEPCL. The registered office of LCL Holdings Limited is located at 6-A, Muhammad Ali Housing Society, A. Aziz Hashim Tabba Street, Karachi.

Lucky Electric Power Company Limited

Lucky Electric Power Company Limited (LEPCL) was incorporated in Pakistan on June 13, 2014, as a public unlisted Company. LEPCL is a supercritical coal fired power plant with a capacity of 660 MW.
The latest developments includes issuance of Letter of Intent(LOI) by PPIB on February 11, 2015, generation license petition already admitted by NEPRA on February 20, 2015 and approval of upfront tariff petition by NEPRA on April 6, 2015.
Other matters such as project bankable feasibility is under preparation by M/s FICHTNER Germany. LEPCL has also engaged the services of world renowned law firm M/s Clifford Chance of France and locally M/s RIAA Law for project documentation. A Load flow/grid interconnection study for the project is also being conducted by NTDC, and PPA and IA are under review by the project team and lawyers.

ICI Pakistan Limited

ICI Pakistan is a leading manufacturer and distributor of polyester staple fiber (PSF), soda ash and some chemical products used in major industrial and other sectors. The Company is also a distributor of a diversified range of life science products.
In Dec 2012, LHL acquired majority shareholding in the company and now ICI is part of YBG.
In May 2014, board has approved an equity investment USD 9.7 million in Morinaga business of infant milk formulae and nutrition product of Morinaga Milk Industry Company Ltd Japan.

PSF Business
Produces and sells PSF suitable for spinning into pure polyester yarn or mixed yarns in combination with cotton or viscose. Commissioned in 1982 as a 12 mtpa PSF plant in Sheikhupura, near Lahore. It is the second largest plant in Pakistan with current capacity of 128 mtpa.

Soda Ash Business
It is the largest manufacturing unit of soda ash in Pakistan. The Soda Ash Plant produces the three main grades of soda ash:
Light Ash: used in detergent and chemical applications
Dense Ash: used in glass manufacturing
Refined Sodium Bicarbonate: used in food applications
Commissioned in 1944, before the independence of Pakistan, with a capacity of 18,000 tpa. Currently, its capacity is 350,000 tpa. Located in Khewra next to the 2nd largest salt mine in the world and limestone quarries. Largest soda ash plant in the country.

Chemical Business
Manufacturing and trading through 2 segments:
General Chemicals (GC): Trading of a range of products and production of Polyurethanes
Specialty Chemicals (SC): Produces a host of chemicals Including adhesives, textile chemicals and crop emulsifiers.

Life Sciences Business
Operates in 4 segments: Pharmaceuticals, Animal Health, Seeds and Vegetable Seeds units.
Pharmaceuticals: Markets both own brands and a strong portfolio of leading brands of prescription medicine from AstraZeneca and also covers multiple areas including Cardiovascular, Oncology, Anti-Infectives, CNS, Gastrointestinal, Anthelmintic, Analgesics, Anesthetic, Thalassemia and Anti-diabetic fields
Animal Health: Caters to the livestock and poultry segments which covers Anthelmintics, Antiprotozoals, Antibiotics, Vaccines, Feed additives and Livestock feed
Seeds: Markets products in the sunflower, canola, fodder and corn markets with leading position in the sunflower market
Vegetable Seeds: Promotes vegetable seed products, both hybrid and open pollinated seeds.

ICI Pakistan PowerGen Limited

ICI Pakistan PowerGen Limited (ICI PowerGen) was incorporated in Pakistan as an unlisted public company and is a wholly owned subsidiary company of ICI.
ICI PowerGen is engaged in generating, selling and supplying electricity to ICI. The registered office of ICI PowerGen is situated at 5 West Wharf, Karachi

ICI Pakistan PowerGen Limited

ICI Pakistan PowerGen Limited (ICI PowerGen) was incorporated in Pakistan as an unlisted public company and is a wholly owned subsidiary company of ICI. ICI PowerGen is engaged in generating, selling and supplying electricity to ICI. The registered office of ICI PowerGen is situated at 5 West Wharf, Karachi
Lucky Paragon Readymix Limited
LPRM is the first professionally managed Ready-mix Concrete business in Pakistan. It is a joint venture between YB Pakistan Ltd. & Paragon Constructors (Private) Limited and was launched in March 2007.
Lucky-Paragon Readymix Ltd is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of ready-mix concrete for construction industry.
Current boom in construction industry and launching of several mega projects throughout the country requires a reliable supply of concrete. To this end, Lucky-Paragon Ready-mix is fully equipped to produce consistent quality with guaranteed strength.
It offers full range of products from 1000 psi to 10,000 psi for both OP & SR cement types.

Lucky Commodities (Pvt) Limited

LCPL was formed in early 2013 as a trading arm of the YBG. It is the largest importer of coal in Pakistan. Its total Imports for 2013-14 was 1.5 million tons. At present it is catering to more than 40% of the country’s coal market, ranging from cement to textile, oil & ghee, paper, chemical, steel and other sectors.
LCPL is the preferred supplier of coal supply to major Cement companies and other Industries in Pakistan, owing to market reputation and credibility.

Coal requirement is expected to increase by 25-30% YOY basis with the addition of coal based power plants, conversion of textile boilers to coal and expansion of existing facilities. The country’s requirement is estimated at 15 million tons in 2019.
LCPL share of imports are planned to be 10 million tons by 2019, in view of the proposed expansion plan of the group and the Government’s resolve to minimize power shortages by setting up coal based power plants.